Equitable, Community-Centered
Healthcare for Both People & Their Pets.

Help us make a difference in under-served communities

We are dedicated to helping communities in need achieve good health for people and their pets.

Healthcare for Both Ends of the Leash!

People & Pets Project envisions a world where the health of people is optimized through the health of the animals they love. The human-animal bond is powerful beyond measure. For that reason, we deliver healthcare to people and their pets together. No one should have to choose between care for their best friend and care for themselves. Our mission is to provide safe, welcoming healthcare for both ends of the leash!

Holistic care. Big impact.

We provide healthcare to animals and their owners in disadvantaged communities. Our community pop-up clinics provide veterinary wellness services and vaccines for cats and dogs, as well as basic healthcare and screening for their owners.

There is no love quite like the love between pets and their humans, and resource-challenged pet owners will often choose to care for their animals before they see to their own healthcare needs. Our holistic approach to care impacts entire communities by creating a safe, dignified space for pets and owners to seek wellness together.

Pop-up Clinics in the U.S.


Human Health Screenings


Cats & Dogs Spayed/Neutered


Volunteer Hours


Veterinary Wellness, Vaccines, and Microchips

Clinics in Guatemala


Basic Healthcare for People


Cats & Dogs Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinated


Volunteer Hours

Mousers in the Middle


Community Cats Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinated

“Healthcare for Both Ends of the Leash” will be in Guatemala from June 24-28!  We are taking the months of July and August off and will return to holding our clinics in Middle Georgia in September. Have a great summer!