Mousers in the Middle: Helping Feral Cats in Macon and Middle Georgia

Mousers in the Middle


Community cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated

2020 was a year of uncertainty. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to postpone People & Pet Projects’ scheduled events and shift focus from our One Health Clinic goal to the stray cats of Macon, Georgia.

Over the past few years, Middle Georgia and the City of Macon have been heavily impacted by economic changes leading to a higher rate of unemployment than the rest of the country. Currently, almost one in four Macon residents live in poverty. Because the well-being of our communities is so interconnected with the health and safety of our pets, these economic challenges have contributed to a high number of feral cats. Without an intervention, populations of strays will balloon, leaving these animals without proper shelter, food, or medical attention.

Reducing strays on the streets of Macon and Middle Georgia

We consider an abundance of stray animals in a neighborhood a One Health issue. While cats are not a common source of disease for people, they do impact our neighborhood by leaving behind waste and hunting the songbirds that keep mosquito populations in check.

In addition to these ecological concerns, the sight of strays is heartbreaking. When domesticated animals are left to fend for themselves outdoors, the entire community suffers. That’s why we are pursuing community-based initiatives that humanely reduce the number of feral cats in Macon and the rest of Middle Georgia.

Spay and neuter services for feral cats

  • Trap
  • Neuter
  • Vaccinate
  • Return

By providing care to the feral cats living in Macon and the rest of Middle Georgia, we seek to “Lock the Block” by preventing future litters of homeless kittens within and without feral cat communities. To learn more about the effectiveness of TNVR in other communities click here.

“Healthcare for Both Ends of the Leash” will be in Guatemala from June 24-28!  We are taking the months of July and August off and will return to holding our clinics in Middle Georgia in September. Have a great summer!